TMB Workshop

This is an online workshop which focuses on the various facets of writing.

All through my college years and afterwards, I have heard a common phrase from those around me- I am not able to express what I am thinking; it is difficult to put my thoughts into words. Indeed, it is!

It is a herculean task to communicate in the right way and a titanic headache to do that in writing. This is what prompted me to encapsulate whatever I had gathered in all my experimentations with over 3000+ books (read, not written!) and a less walloping number of writings and present it to those who wish to fast track their growth in this field. This is what TMB workshops are all about.

TMB Story Workshop

I know how it feels to have a story trapped inside. All of us have so many ideas; we talk endlessly to make sense of things around us, to vent out our frustrations or even to obfuscate something too terrible to talk about within the guise of fiction. The art of writing is honed with time, patience and care. To be able to compose concise and beautiful prose is a much-understated skill. There are so many when we hunt for the right things to say and write. Sometimes, the right words can make a big difference, be it in a book, an article, a statement of purpose, or even a Facebook post.

This workshop aims to help you create a full-fledged well-constructed short story over a span of three weeks. The objective of this course is to submit a short story by the end of the course. Every week, there will be a one-hour discussion followed by a writing hour (TWH) with the class.


A minimum of one short story, networking with fellow writers and a lifelong subscription to TMB creations

Course Contents:

Week 1 :

Beginning with a writing exercise, this class will include a short story reading and discussion. Primarily, the stories by Alice Munro, O. Henry and Chekhov will be the base for this class. Every participant will be required to kickstart the ideation of their story in The Write Hour following this session.


The various elements of a short story would be discussed : character, plot, settings and how to go about the process of writing- the ABCDE approach, building a story map, deciding the points of view, and building a narrative. By this week, the first draft of the story would be created.

Week 3 :  

Further discussion on different writing styles of various authors, dialogue and scene creation, points of view will ensue. The final story submission will be done at the end of this week.

Who can apply?

Anyone who wants to write, has a hazy or a lucid outline in mind and is 16+ years of age.

To register, please fill this EOI.

TMB Classes for Kids

Writing is an art that is developed over time. The best time to learn to write is when you are just starting out, learning the meanings of words like expostulation and galimatias while battling with grammar demons and on the way to becoming a grammar Nazi yourself. Hence, these are foundation classes which ensure that with a unique approach of eclectic reading and writing, you can call yourself a writer in due course.

These classes take place in various batches:

Batch A : Classes 3 to 5

Batch B : Classes 6 to 8

Those who are interested may contact me directly or fill this form –

What they have to say about the Workshop

Poetry and creative writing were most useful. Would love novel writing when it is introduced. Aashisha is a very approachable down-to-earth person with a great taste for literature and writing. Also very flexible. A sweet mentor.

Deepa Chawla, Sarita Vihar

The focus of the class is on learning vocabulary through usage and improve with self-designed stories. Love the class content. I feel they should go for simple and short before going for longer writing. Aashisha is committed and attends to each child carefully.

Aparna Sahoo, Sarita Vihar

Her knowledge & ability to explain logically to kids is simply great. Keep it up!

Deepa Mehra, Faridabad

The best thing about the classes is the development of reading habits and vocabulary. Very competent and sincere. Increasing the frequency of classes would be great.

Kumar, Sarita Vihar