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Mis(s)-Adventures of a SalesGirl

Life is young and rosy at 25. Or is it?

Ask twenty-five-year old Ena who is uprooted from Delhi and sent to Chennai to work as a sales intern and does not know Tamil to boot. Add to it the fiercely competitive and heavily male-dominated territory of sales with no place for a city-bred sophisticated girl and you get a heady cocktail of events that promises to take you on a roller-coaster ride.

Singhasan Battisi

Magic. Treachery. Valor. Who killed Vikramaditya’s treasured magician and why?

Twilight Beckons

Sometimes, love finds you in the twilight of your life. Will you accept it? Will that even last?

The Constant

Is anything ever constant? Friendships? Feelings? Promises we choose to keep?

Leave Your Sex Outside

If you dare to dream and defy, you can surely fly. Find out this mechanical engineer did it and stormed a male bastion.

The Amulet of Jyotisar

Feuds can affect generations. Do the epics still linger in our lives somehow?

The Hashtag Hero

He is a kid. An autistic kid. He makes a hashtag go viral. Read how.

mock stalk

Mock, Stalk and Quarrel

Is being an engineer-MBA enough? Or is the next step IAS?

The Lady of the Ring

A genie gives a woman a magic ring that makes men’s private parts speak. Find out what they say… 

No Apologies

Don’t be a Cinderella. Stay out as much as you like.

Write India Stories Season 2

Some people don’t live lives. They live lies. What can a black promise hold for you ?