About Aashisha

I'm a daydreamer, a gazer of space, and a believer of wonderlands and neverlands, until life gets in the way.....

You know those people who laugh uproariously, have impeccable timing of jokes and are the life and soul of a gathering, party or a circle? Maybe you have seen that tall lithe graceful bubbly perky girl somewhere lighting up her surroundings with her thousand-watt smile?

Yeah you are bang on! I am – SO not that girl.

My grandma calls me tall (perhaps because she isn’t tall at all) but that’s all the similarity I can draw between me and the girl described above. But then you must surely have seen the girl who falls asleep as soon as a(an) car/bus/train/auto starts moving; her timing couldn’t be worse and she never has much to say except monosyllables that mostly include ‘hmm’. Haven’t seen her, have you? Well, you haven’t met me then.


I’m a daydreamer, a gazer of space, and a believer of wonderlands and neverlands…until life gets in the way. Life-the halter. It amazes me at times and sometimes shocks me out of my comfort zone. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with it while the chatty chit inside me ensures I have a hard enough time what with listening to her as well as the voices outside trying to piece everything together into a coherent whole. So you will find me staring into space every now and then or gregariously engaging with people off and on. And that is how the wheel of life has been turning for me.

If you want to know the kind of things the chatty me comes up with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at :